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Increasing In-Person Learning - February 1st Letter

Wednesday, January 13, 2021
To: Marissa District 40 Family
Re: Increasing In-Person Learning to begin Monday, February 1st
Dear District 40 Family,
As we work our way through the second week of this third quarter, a determination to increase the opportunity for In-Person Learning has been established. Beginning Monday, February 1st, our school district will switch out from the current A-B Hybrid Model to the following approach: Monday through Thursday, students will attend school following the standard Early Dismissal Schedule. Students at the Elementary School will be dismissed daily at 1:40 PM; Students at the Jr. Sr. High School will be dismissed daily at 1:50 PM.
We will use the next two-plus weeks to prepare the classrooms and secure word from our families the intentions of attendance for all students in the district. Please NOTE: Electing to choose Remote Learning is an option, which once enacted, will remain in place for the remainder of the school year, with a possible exception of allowing Elementary students to return for the 4th Quarter. Providing more in-person attendance opportunity for all of our students at-risk of failing their grade level or losing credit opportunities towards graduation requirements is being established with hope that with the hard work of the students, teachers, and staff, with the ongoing help and support from home, will result in more students being poised to be start next school year at their proper level.
We will maintain the requirement of mask wearing on buses, in hallways, classrooms, and designated eating areas when eating/drinking is not taking place. We will not be able to maintain the recommended 6-feet of physical distance between students in all classrooms. However, students will be following seating charts in every facet of the school day when sitting down within 6 feet of another is established. We have been very successful maintaining healthy practices in progressing our efforts to teach students in the Hybrid In-Person format. We can only expect to maintain that level of success when 100% or our school population shares in the concern of the health and well-being of those around them over any selfishness. So, PLEASE, remain clear on the objectives- 1) Stay Healthy, and 2) Learn successfully in a different environment, yet, in the presence of teachers and peers.
My appreciation is extended to all for your understanding as well as your efforts to keep our students’ education a priority during a period of time when it has been much simpler to choose the easy way out. More information will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead.
Jeff Strieker, Superintendent