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Be a Yearbook Photographer!

Want to help get pictures for the 2020-2021 Jr./Sr. High Yearbook? Well here is how. Download the Balfour Image Share and upload pictures, school appropriate, of you and your friends or school teams. The Yearbook students can't be at every event, so your pictures will help tell the story of the 2020-2021 School year.

"M" Face Masks for Sale

The Athletic Department is selling "M" Face Masks. Good for the "M"arissa Comets or the "M"arissa "M"eteors!!! See how that works for BOTH buildings!!!

Marissa Elementary "Virtual" Open House

Since we couldn't have a normal open house like Marissa Elementary always has, the teacher put together the first-ever "Virtual" Open House. Click on the link and see what the Marissa Elementary put together for you.
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