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Enrolling Students at Marissa CUSD #40

Enrolling Students at Marissa CUSD #40


The school observes the statute that does not allow refusal to admit or enroll a student because of that student's failure to present his/her student permanent or temporary record from a school attended previously.


The district observes the statute that requires the forwarding, within 10 days of the receipt of request, an unofficial record of the student's grades to the school to which the student is transferring. Each school shall forward written information relative to the grade levels, subjects and record of academic grades achieved, current mathematics and language arts placement levels, health records and a most current set of standardized test reports. The district, within 10 days after the student has paid all of his or her outstanding fines and fees, forwards an official transcript of the scholastic records of each student transferring.


The written notification of rights under the Student Records Act is given to parents/students upon initial enrollment or transfer of a student to the school.


The district observes the statue that requires a certified copy of a child's birth certificate, or other reliable proof of the child's identity and age and an affidavit explaining the inability to produce a copy of the birth certificate is submitted within 30 days of enrollment.


If a pupil's change of residence is due to the military service obligation of the person with legal custody of a student, as defined by the above-referenced section, (with a written request from this person), he/she can maintain his/her residency as determined prior to the military obligation.