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Marissa Community Unit School District #40

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Student Schedule

This program will be housed off campus in a district owned modular building. The site was chosen to provide students an atmosphere different than the traditional school program. In addition, this site will allow the students to be more comfortable and confident in their own setting. Peer pressure and influence will be eliminated through this as well.

Because of the students' past difficulties in the regular education setting, the program will have two very distinct and necessary components to deal with social emotional needs as well as improving the student's self image. A social emotional, goal setting program called "Why Try" will be implemented for students to participate in daily. This will provide the students the opportunity to explore, grow, and develop skills necessary to be successful. Also, on a weekly basis, our partner, Chestnut Mental Health will provide the students and families with counseling.

The final component will be a mix of online learning as well as traditional based. This will be provided by the district's teacher and a teacher's assistant.